Monday, April 20, 2009


What on earth is an inferno machine?

...and how do I get one?!* Coolest sounding weapon ever. (& kind of sounds like something they'd enjoy at Boomershoot, doesn't it?)

*Breda's gun control = you can have whatever you want and as long as you're not pointing it at me, we're good. Muzzle me with your super powered rocket grenade launcher and we're gonna have words, I can tell you that much.


David said...

Kind of sounds like some secret weapon in a Bond villain's lair.

"At precisely 9AM tomorrow I will unleash the INFERNO MACHINE, Mr. Bond ..."

alan said...

Superior MSM fact checking at its best.

Anonymous said...

The reporter misheard. It's an "infernal machine" which is a bomb in Mass lawyer-speak.

fast richard said...

A gun, a grenade fuse, and four magazines of ammo...

We are supposed to be able to carry guns in checked baggage. Same with ammo, although it sounds like he may have violated some silly rule about how the ammo should be packaged. The grenade fuse sounds foolish, but I don't know anything about grenade fuses. A live fuse that could be an ignition source would be a bad thing to have in the baggage compartment.

If the fuse and ammo were assembled into some kind of makeshift bomb, I would call this serious. If not, I would say it deserves about as much attention as someone being caught with a BIC lighter in their luggage.

Boston, another hub airport to avoid.

Truthsayer said...

It might just be me, but I don't trust much of anything firearm-news-related coming out of Mass.

Did it MY way said...

Can't the voters in Mass do something?

Jay G said...

We're severely outnumbered by career Demo hacks and illegals.

Believe me, we try...

Anonymous said...

I'm presuming this was just dumbed-down to be pronounceable and sound scarier.

Some copy editor got out their Roget's and said, "Hmmmm... What can we do with 'incendiary device'? Oooh! 'Inferno Machine'! That sounds Eeeeeevil!"

(Turing word: "explo".)

Peter said...

I think Terry Pratchett mentions something about an Inferno Machine in "Men at Arms." Been a while since I've read it, though.

Tom said...

Inferno Machine= lighter and can of WD-40?

I googled it and saw some UK paintball gun in the results.

As for the grenade fuse, could be live, but remember we're talking news here, so the grenade fuse might have been out of a dummy "take a number" type.

Assrot said...

I don't know anything about inferno machines. Never heard of them.

I am going to have to make it out to a Boomershoot one of these years before I leave this rock.

My papaw and I used to do what we called anvil blasting back in the day when you could go to the local feed store and pick up a few sticks of dynamite.

You haven't lived until you set off a stick of dynamite under an anvil and watch it fly. I still get goose bumps just thinking about it.

When you build your inferno machine, we want pictures and a range reports.

Have a nice evening,


Joe Carpenter said...

Additional info:

-It was his checked luggage, so the firearm no problem because not in his lap on the plane. It was in a locked box, and declaired at Vegas, per TSA rules.

but was also carrying:
-model rocket engines (infernal machine- a legal term for generically describing this type of item?)
-grenade with live primer and detonator? (improperly de-milled souvenier?)

Looks like he had a couple of prohibited items on TSA's list: The rocket engines and leftover grenade. Otherwise, nothing to see here but overreacting media- probably to score a "military/veterans are DANGEROUS to the USA!"