Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Really, you should listen to the latest episode of Gun Nuts Radio. (click to listen!)

Lee from Top of the Chain gave us a report on the recent Gun Rights Policy Conference, where he met and listened to some of the biggest names in the fight for our Second Amendment rights.

We were surprised by a call from the renowned photographer Oleg Volk, whose images help make a powerful argument for our rights to bear arms. It was an honor to have him join us on the show.

Thanks to JayG, who was again a terrific guest host and a special thank you to everyone who spent the hour with us, either by calling in, having fun in the live chat, or just by listening.


Top of the Chain said...

Thank you Breda & Jay for being so gracious and letting me hang with you. I had a fun time.

Jay G said...

Entirely my pleasure, Breda.

Anytime that other guy wants a night off I'm happy to lend my voice to the cause...

And totc, thanks again for joining us - what a great show!!!

jframesmith said...

I usually download the podcast from Itunes, but, this week I listened live for a change. Thanks for a great show!

I just have to ask; Who's Caleb?