Wednesday, January 2, 2008

shooty chicks update

When I arrived at work this evening, I found a little wrapped box at my desk. Monica, my coworker, had gotten me a gift. How sweet!

I picked it up and...whoa! Heavy little box! I looked at Monica and said, "what on earth is in here? Lead?"

She laughed and told me to just open it. I peeled back the paper to find - AMMO! Winchester Xpert22 hollow points! It was lead!

She says she wants to go back to the range and help me shoot them - yay! So far, all of the ladies I have introduced to shooting have asked for another trip to the range with me. Holly has borrowed her father's HK, hoping to find a moment in her hectic schedule to try it at the range with me, my mom wants to try out our new .22 revolver, Connie told me that she was going gun shopping with her husband over the holidays, and, of course, my best friend Nicole has been to the range multiple times with me, always professing her love for the Mark II.

Know a girl you want to introduce to shooting? Send them my way. (because...hello? I'm good at it.)

And stay tuned! I have at least 3 new chicks waiting in the wings, all lined up for their chance to make with the bang in this new year.


Turk Turon said...

Good work! It's wonderful that you could introduce so many newcomers to shooting.

Christina LMT said...

My daughter and I would be there, if we didn't live so far away.

Thanks for the invite!

Who is..... Carteach0? said...

Excellent work!

Reminds me of a story.... which I think I will blog....
Thanks for the memory jog!

BobG said...

Way to go!

HollyB said...

Good Work, Breda. Now I know why MattG has a "blogCrush" on you.

The Dearly Beloved and I have taken a few of my non-shooting friends to the range and he's taught them to shoot. They all loved it!

I try to tell women it's the most empowering thing you'll ever do. And the most fun you can have with all your clothes on.

It's a Good Deed to teach a new woman to shoot.

Thirdpower said...

But remember, according the PuSH'ers, we're losing and nobody listens to us.

Most excellent work.

Tam said...


It's an Army of Breda!

Breda said...

Thank you, thank you! Not too bad, considering I only started shooting in Aug06 myself!!

Tam said...

There's nothing like the missionary zeal of the newly converted. :)

Jay G said...

Excellent news, simply excellent!

For the record, I am still working on getting my little sister to the range (and my mom back to the range after an absense of many decades).

Lil sis will be a crowning achievement, given that she's an attorney in Boston... Don't get much more anti-gun stereotype than that! :)